Genuitec Makes Java Development a SNAP

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The company ships its MyEclipse 5.5 development environment with new non-IDE tools known as Simple Nonintegrated Applications, or SNAPs.

The new version of Genuitec's MyEclipse integrated development environment makes building Eclipse Rich Client Platform, Java and Java Enterprise Edition applications a snap, the company said.

Genuitec, based in Flower Mound, Texas, on Jan. 31 announced the availability of MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench 5.5, which introduces the company's new Fusion Technology, including a new suite of Simple Nonintegrated Applications, or SNAPs.

Genuitec officials describe these SNAPs as tools targeted for quick, lightweight, "no IDE required" development tasks. The MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench 5.5 enables developers to use either the SNAPs or the full-fledged IDE to create applications.

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MyEclipse 5.5 includes four SNAPs: an Image Editor, including screen capture, a Visual Web Designer, a Database Explorer and an XML Editor, the company said. The SNAPs are non-IDE, special-purpose applications that are fully integrated with Windows, and that appear as fully native Windows applications to the user, Genuitec officials said.

MyEclipse 5.5 also features integration with the Spring and Hibernate frameworks, and features support for UML (Unified Modeling Language), Web services, Matisse4MyEclipse, and a reduced download size over previous versions.

Maher Masri, chief executive of Genuitec, said in a statement, "Developers can set up their workspace the way they want it, while retaining the SNAPs as high-efficiency tools within multiple environments. Users of other quality IDEs can benefit from the productivity increase of SNAPs, and we look forward to rolling out many more crossover tools as the market demands them in the near future."

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Also in a statement, Wayne Parrott, vice president of development for Genuitec, said, "With other IDEs rushing to add more features to their platforms, they have actually hampered their ability to be effective with programmers looking for a one-off, task-based tool set. We feel that SNAPs will be a great new option for our users and we will continue to expand the Fusion technology suite to broaden the selection of lock-in-free tools available to our customers."

The MyEclipse 5.5 Enterprise Workbench Standard Edition is available at an annual subscription rate of $29.95 and the Professional Edition for $49.95.

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