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VARs, ISVs, solution providers and IT consultants may ultimately be able to put the green stamp on their environmental efforts. Analysts say it is time for the VARs, ISVs, solution providers and IT consultants to get behind an IT certification effort for environmental practices and solutions.

Let’s say CompTIA, or some other organization, creates and implements a green IT standards program, complete with accreditation or certification. Is there enough support across the channel and the industry to adopt it?

Bova admits the process itself of creating a standard will take some effort. Getting solution providers and vendors to agree on the standard, and vendors to agree on the value of having it, would be a challenge, she says.

That’s one issue. Another is residual skepticism from years and years of arguments over how much environmental protection there should be. Regardless of the momentum of recent years around finding solutions for resource depletion and climate change, not everyone agrees the environment or the planet needs to be saved.

Thibodeaux believes the argument stage is all but over, as more and more people reach the conclusion that solutions are needed. Those solutions, especially around energy efficiency, will have a major role for IT to play, he says.

Combine that with the prediction that customers will start demanding green credentials from product and service suppliers, and the question of whether a certification is needed pretty much answers itself.

IBM’s Lechner says he would certainly get behind an IT certification effort and would want to be involved in shaping it.

"We’d gladly participate," says Lechner. "We think it’s important to establish standards."

Lechner points out that IBM has been working with the Environmental Protection Agency on an Energy Star designation for servers. The vendor hopes to follow that with Energy Star standards for storage systems, he adds.

Katie Dumala, vice president of marketing services at distributor Tech Data, says her company has been having a conversation internally about the prospect of an IT certification. Tech Data would likely support an industrywide standard, provided it doesn’t place unreasonable demands on solution providers, she says.

"If it was a reasonable program—absolutely, I think we would," she says. "In concept, it’s a great idea."


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