Analysts Temper Google Tablet Buzz

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Reeling from the buzz around a New York Times report about Google's Tablet PC plans around Android, many are speculating about Google's potential plans to put books and magazines on the new device. Plus, the device would reportedly support Flash, something that Apple's iPad can't do. Analysts say that's no big surprise.

With Apple shipping more than 450,000 unit of its iPad tablet in less than a week, the way has been cleared for platform providers such as Google and Microsoft and computer makers such as HP to begin offering their wares in earnest.

The New York Times reported April 12 that Google is mulling the notion of building a tablet based on its Android operating system. The company has been reportedly talking with publishers about putting books, magazine and other content on the device.

The device could run Google's Chrome Web browser and would support Adobe's popular Flash software, the technology Apple kept off its iPhone and iPad much to the outrage of developers who acknowledge Flash as the industry standard.