An Olympic Waste of Time and Money

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    Michael Vizard

An Olympic Waste of Time and Money

An Olympic Waste of Time and Money

The Number of People Planning on Following the Olympics on TV69.4% of US employees confirmed that they will be following the Olympics on TV.

Solution providers are always looking for a business problem to solve using IT and it looks like the Olympics may deliver this one this year. A survey of 350 workers conducted by SpectorSoft, a provider of Internet monitoring software, finds that over a third of the people surveyed plan to watch the Olympics at work.

Whether they are doing that because of the time zone difference between where they are and Olympics in London, the fact that the Olympics take place over 11 working days or simply because they can't get enough of sports, is anybody's guess. But SpectorSoft is betting that there will be plenty of less than pleased business owners that might want to hear more about tools that will help them determine if anybody in their organization has actually been working at any given point and time.

This article was originally published on 2012-07-23