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The storage vendor is banking on its energy-efficient technology to resonate with partners and customers.

In addition to thin provisioning, Compellent's technology employs automated-tiered storage, a process that classifies and migrates blocks of data based on frequency of use so that older, rarely accessed data resides on less expensive, slower tiers of storage.

Other features include making periodic copies of stored data, called "snapshots," that allow for quick recovery following data loss, and "free space recovery," which allows for the use of space that the Windows operating system treats as still unavailable even after files are deleted.

Bova says the green IT message for vendors isn't just about technology.

"Finding ways to enable and train partners regarding the business aspect of reducing power and cooling, and changing the conversation with the customer towards tangible business benefits will assist in gaining greater traction with users," she says.

To Chris Alberti, director of national sales at Compellent partner Insight Investments, the compelling message to the customer revolves around value. And when the features of Compellent's technology are explained, he says, "the customer understands the value proposition very quickly."

"The net/net for green is that [customers] shrink the total storage they have to buy," Alberti says. "The interpretation is you'll have to buy less storage, therefore, you'll use less energy."

Beach says that Compellent encourages partners to discuss storage in the context of other resource-stingy technologies, such as virtualization, as much as possible.



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