8. Establish a BI "center of excellence"

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The following steps are recommendations for small and medium organizations to improve their BI intelligence. Each provides channel partners a great opportunity to not only sell BI tools but to layer consulting and services on top.

8. Establish a BI "center of excellence"
Aberdeen Group says:
Already mature SMBs can improve intelligence performance by establishing an independent BI center of excellence that looks for BI opportunities, communicates best practices and facilitates training across the organization.
Channel Insider says:
Say you’ve got a customer that’s already deployed a number of BI tools, implemented training and even developed a cross-functional team to guide future BI deployments. But this organization still wants to make adjustments that will amp up BI usage throughout the business and improve the effectiveness of existing BI assets. This is the type of high-maturity organization that is ripe for the development of a center of excellence to achieve those BI goals. While Aberdeen analysts suggest an independent internal organization, this is a good opportunity for channel consultants to stand in and fill the role as an unbiased and trusted third-party. By outsourcing the leadership of the BI center of excellence, the typical SMB can sidestep the political morass that may develop from carrying this function in-house.