7. Implement customer-facing dashboards

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The following steps are recommendations for small and medium organizations to improve their BI intelligence. Each provides channel partners a great opportunity to not only sell BI tools but to layer consulting and services on top.

Implement customer-facing dashboards
Aberdeen Group says:
Easily accessible dashboards with views into things such as customer account history, order history, new product releases or discounted products and services bolsters customer loyalty.

Channel Insider says: Most of your SMB clients will be familiar with the traditional idea of utilizing BI as a tool for internal workers to inform their work. But they probably don’t realize that it can also be leveraged outwardly to offer powerful information visibility to customers that very well may help them retain customers and keep them satisfied—something the SMB sorely needs in a downturn like this. By pulling this rabbit out of their hat, channel partners can especially help those customers with an already-high level of BI maturity to further hone their capabilities.