6. Invest in formal training

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The following steps are recommendations for small and medium organizations to improve their BI intelligence. Each provides channel partners a great opportunity to not only sell BI tools but to layer consulting and services on top.

6. Invest in formal training
Aberdeen Group says:
The best way to speed up time-to-information and action is to improve employee proficiency in BI systems. Plus, training cultivates a BI culture that embeds dependency on BI in the decision-making framework.

Channel Insider says:
Again, SMBs just don’t have the resources to come up with informed and targeted training programs out of thin air. Channel players do. Resellers can truly add value (and make more money!) by bundling up product and process training with the deployment of BI technology and tools. Not only is this a great service for the customer, it is also self-serving. The BI stuff you sell is a lot more likely to gain traction within a trained organization, giving you a much better shot at future sales.