5. Architect usage monitoring into BI systems

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The following steps are recommendations for small and medium organizations to improve their BI intelligence. Each provides channel partners a great opportunity to not only sell BI tools but to layer consulting and services on top.

5. Architect usage monitoring into BI systems
Aberdeen Group says:
The full capabilities of most BI tools are overkill for the typical SMB. In order to achieve the best return on BI investments, SMBs should measure functionality usage to get a window into which BI elements offer the most ROI for their organizational needs.

Channel Insider says:
It may seem like a no-brainer, but your customer wants to know how often its users are taking advantage of specific functions within their BI systems. The more details you provide, the better able they can measure ROI. And the better they can do that, the more likely they’ll expand BI in further projects. Plus, smart channel partners with multiple customers can aggregate information from usage monitoring and leverage it in their sales pitch. For example: "75 percent of the users we manage take advantage of this functionality, therefore we recommend you include it in your implementation.