3. Start looking at meta-data management tools

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The following steps are recommendations for small and medium organizations to improve their BI intelligence. Each provides channel partners a great opportunity to not only sell BI tools but to layer consulting and services on top.

3. Start looking at meta-data management tools
Aberdeen Group says:

The SMBs that do BI right are six times more likely to use meta-data management tools. These tools help SMBs ensure that one set of data definitions is used across BI systems, no matter what data source.

Channel Insider says:
The difficulty of folding data from numerous sources into BI information-crunching applications is one of those big, scary complications that keeps SMBs from buying into BI in the first place. Selling meta-data tools as enablers to other BI applications neutralizes the fear and will make your client much more effective at pinpointing and using the right information to inform business strategy.