Tablet Sales to Grow Among Businesses: Report

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An In-Stat report concludes the market for tablet computers among businesses holds great potential for growth.

The popularity and anticipated growth in the tablet market has set the portable consumer device world in a global tizzy, or so it would seem. New In-Stat research indicates that this tablet frenzy isn't quite as global as one would think, as only three regions—North America, Asia/Pacific and Western Europe—will be responsible for 91 percent of all tablet unit shipments in 2015.

"There is obviously strong potential for tablets, as there has been with other mobile electronic devices. One key difference, however, is that the commercial market also represents a potential revenue opportunity for tablet OEMs," says Stephanie Ethier, senior analyst at In-Stat. "Usage models and user requirements will differ in the commercial market, but as the overall tablet market becomes more defined, the opportunities for tablets within business markets will become more apparent."

Recent research findings from the company also reported that, at over 129 billion units, portable media players (PMPs) represented the largest number of portable device units shipped in 2010. The e-reader market will remain primarily a North American market, with 58 percent of e-reader units shipped into North America in 2015, the report noted. Personal navigation device (PND) shipments will peak in 2012 and then decline steadily over the remaining forecast period, while research indicated handheld game console shipments will grow approximately 20 percent over the next year as a result of the Nintendo 3DS launch.

The research report, "2Q11 Portable and Computing Connected Device Database," provides unit shipment forecasts by device and by region for a variety of portable consumer electronic (CE) devices popular today. This Excel-based report is part of an initiative to provide CE suppliers and manufacturers alike with more details, the report noted.

Devices include e-readers, handheld gaming consoles, digital radio receivers, edutainment toys, personal navigation devices, audio-only MP3 players and personal media players. Recent additions to this quarterly deliverable are market breakouts for digital photo frames and tablets. The regions included in the report are North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East/Africa and Asia/Pacific.