Lenovo ThinkPad X220, Convertible Tablet PC Debut

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The ThinkPad X220 and the X220 tablet PC offer a toughened exterior, HD screens and Intel Core i7 processors.

Computer maker Lenovo announced the launch of the ThinkPad X220 laptop and X220 convertible tablet PC equipped with second-generation Intel Core i7 processors. Both also feature a 12.5-inch HD screen and self-closing hinges that shut the PCs, allowing a 45 percent larger touch pad.

Prices for the models start at approximately $899 for the ThinkPad and $1,199 for the tablet.

Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 boosts processor speed during intensive tasks, and with Lenovo Turbo Boost+, the PCs can stay in Turbo Boost mode longer by keeping processor temperatures below certain thresholds. The company claimed with reduced power to non-essential hardware, the laptops achieve up to 30 percent longer battery life—the ThinkPad X220 offers up to 15 hours battery life with a standard nine-cell battery, and battery life jumps up to 24 hours by adding the ThinkPad external battery.

When combined with a six-cell battery and the external battery pack, the tablet can run for 16 hours continuously on one charge. Users charge the PCs on the external ThinkPad battery when connected to the PC or separately. A battery charge indicator shows when the battery reaches a full charge. The multitouch tablet also offers a tough 300-nit screen with scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass, which strengthens the screen so it can withstand scratches, scrapes and abuse from the field. Both offer improved durability with wider drain holes in the spill-resistant keyboard and a 50 percent improvement in drop test performance.

In addition, the PCs keep office workers connected longer with Lenovo's Instant Resume function. This function maintains connections during sleep mode for up to 99 minutes, eliminating the need to log in and reconnect between meetings. The tablet also offers a feature that notifies a user if they move the tablet without the pen in the pen holder. And the PCs incorporate several technologies for enhanced voice and video conferencing, such as private chat and conference call microphone modes, keyboard noise suppression technology and a dedicated LED-lit microphone mute key.

"Put simply, the ThinkPad X Series has everything a modern road warrior needs without compromises—low weight, long battery life and high performance," said Dilip Bhatia, vice president of ThinkPad marketing for Lenovo. "We've refined the mobile computing experience to make it more productive and enjoyable with features like smart PC technologies and enhanced video and voice calling."