Health Care Opportunities Beyond Economic Stimulus

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Opportunities in health care IT reach beyond what is funded by the economic stimulus package. A new solution offered by technology service provider Manage Mobility enables health care providers to use their mobile devices to keep an eye on elderly patients who may otherwise be at risk.

Health care IT continues to be one of the only industries surviving and thriving in today’s current struggling economy. Sure, stimulus money is driving electronic health record purchases of software and supporting services, but there’s other opportunities out there for entrepreneurial VARs looking for a piece of the pie.

Atlanta-based Manage Mobility is one technology reseller and provider that is figuring out new and interesting ways to tackle the health care IT market while also meeting the need for increased patient monitoring and safety. The Sprint Business Partner recently announced the availability of a new home care mobile solution on the Sprint network.

Manage Mobility partnered with security and life-safety technology provider BEMS to distribute BEMS’ Smarthome Care and Security Smart solutions to companies looking for mobile home care solutions. The software and hardware product is designed to improve patient safety for disabled and elderly people by monitoring them in their homes.

This is Manage Mobility’s first major move into the health care solutions marketplace.  According to Scott Eaton, Manage Mobility’s director of strategic accounts, the company’s move was a response to increasing demand and apparent revenue opportunity.

"Forget about the stimulus—there are so many factors driving this market," said Eaton. "For example, HIPAA compliance—it all falls into play and is driving more applications, and in our opinion, it’s going to drive wireless activations and utilization of PDAs to access medical records."

The total packaged solution includes mobile smartphone applications, Samsung video cameras, PCs with digital video recording (DVR), Sprint mobile devices, and a Sprint data and voice plan. The solution also includes smart technologies and analytics that monitor and analyze the patient’s behavior in home, searching for medical event triggers.

The solution sends an alert via the carrier’s MMS system with a short three-frame video via the Sprint network to a physician or home care professional’s device. The health care professional can then opt to view the video, powered by an on-device mobile video application over Sprint’s 3G and 4G networks, and rapidly respond to aid the patient in need.

Manage Mobility makes the majority of its money off activations on the Sprint network, but also provides integration and deployment services for an array of mobile solutions. The company packages bundled solutions and then works directly with Sprint’s enterprise sales teams to sell them directly to enterprises and the government.

The product supports smartphones running Symbian, RIM BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Android and iPhone, and is available now.