Global Tablet Revenues to Reach $49B by 2015

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As tablet sales continue to increase, a Strategy Analytics report finds more enterprises are likely to adopt them.

According to the latest research from Strategy Analytics, global tablet revenues will surge to $49 billion by 2015. North America, Asia Pacific and Western Europe will be the most valuable regions for tablet vendors, according to the company’s research. The full report, Tablet Regional Sales & Value by Price Tier Forecast, is published by the Strategy Analytics Tablet & Touchscreen Strategies (TTS) service, details of which can be found via the company’s Website.

Peter King, director at Strategy Analytics, said the company forecast global tablet wholesale revenues to surge from zero in 2009 to $49 billion in 2015, noting tablets are a high-value casual-computing segment that is creating "huge growth opportunities" for major brands such as Apple and Samsung.

"We predict 80 percent of the value of the tablet market in 2015 will reside in both high-tier and entry-tier models, as tablets address the opportunities in both developed and emerging markets such as the Asia Pacific region," he said. "On a global basis, tablet revenues will exceed those of every consumer electronics category except TVs and PCs by 2015."

Martin Bradley, associate director at Strategy Analytics, added in terms of revenues, the largest opportunity for tablet vendors will be in North America, Asia Pacific and Western Europe. "Although the average selling prices in Asia Pacific will be less than 85 percent of those in Western Europe by 2015, the total value of the Asia Pacific region will exceed Western Europe by this time," he explained.

The company recently released a related report indicating developments in the areas of devices, networks and enterprise infrastructure are all serving as catalysts for enterprise tablet adoption. The growth in personal liable devices, Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) work policies, availability of high-speed networks and an inexorable shift to virtualized and cloud computing environments, all serve as catalysts to drive the growth of tablet presence in the enterprise, the report said.

"Trends that include Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) are evolving from an experimental phase to enterprise 'norm,' as smartphones and tablets move into the workplace, each with its own mobile application environment," said Andrew Brown, a director at Strategy Analytics and author of the report. "BYOD is driving the need for secure converged fixed mobile access (4G, WiFi and Femtocell) and integrated IT management. This may appear to be the IT manager's nightmare scenario, but improved managed mobile service tools offered by vendors, ISVs and mobile carriers are bringing these devices under full IT control for the first time."