Windows 7 vs. Cisco Cius: 10 Things Microsoft's Tablet Computer Must Do to Compete

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    Don Reisinger

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1. Real Enterprise UsabilityUsability is a key success factor for enterprise products. And The Cius offers that. Not only can customers bring it with them on the go, they can also plug it into supporting Cisco products and extend the device's functionality. Microsoft will need to think long and hard on how it can make Windows 7-based tablets as useful. A few meetings with Dell to discuss those options might be a good idea.
When Cisco announced its enterprise-focused Cius tablet computer recently, the company made what many believe is the first earnest move to capitalize on the tablet craze in the corporate world. And what a move it was. The device will integrate into existing Cisco infrastructure, boast a 7-inch display, and allow users to place and receive video conferencing calls, tying into Cisco's investments in WebEx and Telepresence. And since it doubles as a tablet, it can be brought to and from the office without much trouble. But Cisco's Cius will run on the Android operating system, not Microsoft Windows 7. Meanwhile, Microsoft announced at its Worldwide Partners Conference that its hardware partners will soon offer several tablets running Windows 7. Microsoft didn't specify which firms will be offering devices, and it wouldn't even say how it plans to appeal to customers. But at least one thing is certain: Microsoft needs to succeed with Windows-based tablets if it wants to make a splash in the enterprise and compete against the Cisco Cius. And here is what Microsoft must offer:
This article was originally published on 2010-07-22
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