Why Windows Mobile Still Makes Sense for Business Users

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    Don Reisinger

Exchange Support Is Quite Good

Exchange Support Is Quite Good

It might sound simplistic, but because Microsoft developed Windows Mobile, the software works extremely well with Microsoft Exchange. And as most corporate users know, Exchange has become central to the success of many companies. Given the link between Windows Mobile and Exchange, companies could find value in the operating system beyond anything else on the market.
In the corporate world, all the talk about mobile solutions revolves around RIM's BlackBerry, Apple's iPhone, and Google's Android OS. But there is still a major player in that space that doesn't get the kind of respect that it might deserve: Windows Mobile. Now, it might sound rather ironic to include Windows Mobile, a dying platform, in the same sentence as some of the top mobile operating systems on the market today, but for the corporate world, it makes some sense. Windows Mobile is still widely used in that space. And although there are arguably better options available, some companies wouldn't consider switching from Windows Mobile. Read on to find out what makes Windows Mobile still a somewhat useful tool to corporate users.
This article was originally published on 2010-08-30
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