What Steve Ballmer Must Prove This Year to Save His Job

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    Don Reisinger

1. His Management Changes Were Right

1. His Management Changes Were Right

Ballmer has appointed his own leadership team over the past few years. These were changes intended to imprint his mark on Microsoft's culture. As many of those division leaders deliver products this year, all eyes will be on Ballmer to see if his management decisions were right.
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has the next 12 months to prove himself. Or maybe less. Among investors, confidence in Ballmer is slipping. He may not believe that matters much. After all, they've been complaining about him for years. But a difficult 2012 for Microsoft could be the final straw that makes for the board replace him with someone new. Ballmer has a little time to make things right and. a host of products are coming this year to help him achieve his goal of turning Microsoft around and cementing its position as the dominant company in the industry again. On his to-do list, Ballmer must get Windows 8-based tablets on store shelves, prove his Nokia deal makes sense, and deliver improvements to his company's cloud solutions to take on Google. It's do or die time. Here's what Ballmer must prove if he wants to save his job.
This article was originally published on 2012-01-17
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