Microsoft's Worst Enemies

  • By

    Ericka Chickowski



From the old "look and feel" lawsuit over Apple's Lisa to the battle between the iPod and the Zune, Microsoft and Apple have going at it for about as long as the two companies have existed. Apple lovers may bask in the snarky superiority of their 'Mac vs. PC commercials' but Microsoft at least clings to the fact that Apple's computer market share is nearly equal to a rounding error compared to Microsoft's share.
As perhaps the biggest commercial influencer in helping to bring the PC to the masses, Microsoft has been wandering the realm of computerdom with a giant target on its back for decades. Every time it expands into a new market - browsers, databases, CRM, online collaboration, and more - target practice just seems all the more appealing to a new crop of competitors. From Netscape in the 1990s to Google to IBM, plenty of companies have been gunning for the title of king of the hill ever since Microsoft rose to dominate the technology market. And Microsoft has shown it's not afraid to defend itself and retaliate when its territory is threatened. After all, where is Netscape today? After making it clear that its plan was to beat Microsoft in the browser wars, Microsoft pulled out all the stops to go to battle and ultimately vanquished its smaller competitor in the browser market. The fact is, Microsoft has perhaps the most enemies (and even frienemies) in the entirety of the IT vendor landscape. The following are tops on the list.
This article was originally published on 2010-07-14