Microsoft's Ray Ozzie: 10 Things The Software Giant Should Have Learned From Him

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    Don Reisinger

The Cloud Is the Future

The Cloud Is the Future

Ray Ozzie is all about the cloud. When he joined Microsoft, he believed that the cloud would rule the day eventually, and the onus was on Microsoft to lead the way. But the software giant didn't do that. And in the process, it stuck with products that it knew would deliver the highest short-term gain. It eventually came around with Azure, but Microsoft's move to the cloud has been slow, to say the least. And when it gets pushed out of the cloud, it will only have Ballmer and other top-level executives to blame.
Microsoft's chief software architect, Ray Ozzie, is leaving the company at some point in the relatively near future. Exactly what he plans to do once he leaves Microsoft is unknown at this point, but based on his track record in the industry, he will likely be a leader in ushering in new ideas to the technology industry. When Ray Ozzie first joined Microsoft, most believed that he could bring something worthwhile to the table. They believed that with his help, Ballmer could become more than a Gates clone and deliver exciting new products that in one way or another set a tone for Microsoft's future. But much to the chagrin of Ozzie, Microsoft didn't do anything of the sort. Instead, the company charted its own path and only occasionally tapped Ozzie for his expertise. It was a mistake, and it's one that the software giant will pay for as time goes on. And along the way, Microsoft never realized that working with Ozzie presented a learning opportunity. It could have learned quite a bit from the visionary. But it didn't. Read on to find out what Microsoft should have learned from its outgoing chief software architect.
This article was originally published on 2010-10-26
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