Microsoft's 2010 Minefield: 10 Missteps It Can't Afford to Make

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    Don Reisinger

1. Allow Chrome OS to Succeed

1. Allow Chrome OS to Succeed

Microsoft can't let Google's Chrome OS succeed. Although it won't negatively affect the Microsoft's market share in the short-term, there is a good chance that if Chrome OS can catch on, it could be extremely troublesome for Microsoft just a few years down the road.
Microsoft finds itself in a difficult position. The software giant is still a dominant player in the tech space, and it's enjoying strong profits every quarter. But with the recent discontinuation of its Kin smartphones, issues with getting Windows Phone 7 to the market, and a slow adoption of Windows 7, Microsoft is in trouble. Add to that the increasing competition to its operating system from alternatives such as Linux-based operating systems including Android, Google's upcoming Chrome OS and others, plus threats to its productivity suite business from both Google and Zoho. It's a tough scene for a company that's used to being on top of the heap with nary a serious challenger. Microsoft has crushed competitors in the past with its embrace, extend and extinguish strategy. Just look at Netscape. The company that ruled the web browser market at one time was beaten at its own game by Microsoft and Internet Explorer. But Microsoft needs to carefully plan its next steps and do the right thing. A wrong move or a poor decision could mean the difference between future success and failure. Let's take a look at some blunders that Microsoft can't afford to commit over the next year.
This article was originally published on 2010-07-13
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