How Microsoft Can Stay Relevant: 10 Ways

  • By

    Don Reisinger

1. Windows, Windows, Windows

1. Windows, Windows, Windows

Windows is integral to the success of Microsoft going forward. If it can't continue to deliver an experience with Windows that consumers and especially enterprise customers want, it will fail miserably. That's something that Microsoft must keep in mind. And ensuring that Windows stays relevant should be central to the company's strategy both today and in the future.

Microsoft finds itself in a precarious position. The software giant is no longer as popular and successful as it once was. And it's being hit from all sides by several competitors, including Google, Apple, and others that are trying to supplant it as the most dominant force in the industry. Of course, achieving that goal will be difficult, given how entrenched Microsoft is. But it's something that those firms want to accomplish nonetheless. Realizing that, Microsoft needs to get to work. It can't simply stay in the same place and hope that it will maintain its lead over the competition. It needs to identify key areas where it must stay relevant, and do everything it can in those spaces to achieve its goal. That won't be easy. And Microsoft will undoubtedly face adversity. But it's a task that it must accomplish.
This article was originally published on 2010-10-28
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