Dell First Up to Sell Microsoft Software Online

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Dell touts the green-friendliness of downloading for purchasing and distributing software with no need for packaging material."

Taking the next step in its sales evolution, Microsoft Corp. has authorized Dell to sell a number of its popular products online in the U.S. The Dell Download Store is the first non-Microsoft site where people can download software such as Word, Excel and Outlook.

According to Dell, this is about simplifying access to Microsoft products, reducing software piracy, and reducing packaging waste. According to one report, the pricing is pretty aggressive compared to the Microsoft Store.

"With everyday savings plus on-demand access, the Dell Download Store addresses our customers' two main concerns: price and immediacy", stated Geoff Surkamer, general manager, Dell Global Digital Distribution. "In addition, downloading is a more environmentally friendly way to purchase and distribute software because there's no need for packaging material."

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