10 Things Steve Jobs Would Do As CEO of Microsoft

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    Don Reisinger

Develop A Smartphone

Develop A Smartphone

Steve Jobs is all about hardware, which would make him an unlikely candidate at Microsoft. However, if he were to take over the software giant, Jobs would undoubtedly push his team to develop a smartphone. Currently, Microsoft only offers Windows Phone 7 to vendor partners. For Steve Jobs, that's not enough.
Apple CEO Steve Jobs is widely considered one of the best executives in the technology industry. Ever since he came back to Apple, he has proven he knows how to take a floundering company with a suspect future and turn it into one of the most profitable and well-respected companies both inside and outside the technology industry. But in the odd, odd world where Steve Jobs would have the opportunity to take over another company, what would he do? We've examined that question with Jobs at the helm of both HP and Google. Now, we turn our focus to Microsoft, the software giant that has been a thorn in Apple's and Steve Jobs' side for decades. And Microsoft could sure use the help right now. Would Jobs maintain status quo at Microsoft? Would he try to do something new and innovative like he has done at Apple? In reality, the world will never find out. But here are some hints into what he might do if he was ever given the chance to move Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates aside and run Microsoft.
This article was originally published on 2011-05-24
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