10 Things Microsoft Must Do In the Second Half of 2011

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    Don Reisinger

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1. Talk Up Windows 8Not much is known about Microsoft's next operating system. but over the next several months, Microsoft must start providing more details about Windows 8 to ensure build excitement and also ensure that consumers and enterprise users are ready for the operating system when it launches next year.
While Microsoft is performing exceedingly well in the software market where its Windows and Office platforms are the standard at businesses large and small around the world, there are still some areas that Microsoft desperately needs to improve. Let's face it. This technology giant continues to be out maneuvered by younger, more agile companies like Google, and even some old competitors that it had once vanquished. Look at the return of Apple. These guys are just making Microsoft look bad in the mobile space. For instance, check out Apple's ever-growing market share in the smartphone and tablet spaces with its iPhone and iPad. And witness Google's ever rising Android operating system, first on phones and now on tablets. Where is Microsoft in all this? Falling down in its marketing of Windows Phone 7. MIA in the tablet market. Irritating channel partners with its Office 365 billing plans. If Microsoft wants to again be the dominating technology leader that it once was the software giant has plenty of work to do in the final six months of 2011. Here's a look at Microsoft's troubles and where the company should focus for the rest of this year.
This article was originally published on 2011-07-12
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