10 Reasons Microsoft Needs An HP-Like Management Shakeup

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    Don Reisinger

Windows Is Under Fire

Windows Is Under Fire

Windows has long been the key to Microsoft's business. But Microsoft is being targeted from all sides by Mac OS X Lion and Google's new Chrome OS. In order for Windows to continue to be a dominant force over the long term, Microsoft must make some changes. But that won't happen until there is a management shakeup.
Hewlett-Packard did what many in the technology industry through it wouldn't—it drastically changed its management structure to better fit its changing focus. Now that it has done so, many stakeholders, including analysts and investors, are touting the move as the right decision. But as HP completes that transition, perhaps it's time to look elsewhere in the technology industry to find other companies that might need a similar management shakeup. And when one does so, they will quickly come to Microsoft. Though the software giant is still performing extremely well on paper—it generates billions of dollars in revenue and profits every quarter—the company is in a difficult position as it tries to stay true to its basic business focus amid a rapidly changing marketplace. In some cases, Microsoft is doing well. But in other cases, the company seems lost. And the longer that continues, the worse it will be for Redmond. Here's why Microsoft needs a drastic management shakeup.
This article was originally published on 2011-06-20
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