10 Compelling Reasons for Microsoft to Buy RIM

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    Don Reisinger

RIM Still Has Enterprise Appeal

RIM Still Has Enterprise Appeal

If nothing else, Microsoft should acquire RIM for its enterprise appeal. The handset maker is offering products that IT decision-makers around the globe still want. Right now, Microsoft isn't appealing to that important customer base. With RIM's help, it can.
When you think of smartphones and mobile devices, Microsoft isn't the first name that comes to mind. Research In Motion is doing better, but its BlackBerry smartphones are losing out to Apple's iPhone and the myriad Android devices popping up from vendors like Samsung and Motorola. Other companies simply offer more compelling options to both consumers and enterprise users. But what can RIM and Microsoft do to try and capture a greater slice of the mobile market? It's not clear whether they need new strategies or if they will eventually see success from walking their current paths, waiting for customers to see the value in what they offer. But what if the two joined forces and merged? That may be the best chance for both of them to keep the Google/Apple juggernaut at bay. Maybe the best option would be a merger between the two in which RIM becomes a division of Microsoft. Admittedly, such a move would be controversial. But at this point, for the good of both companies, Microsoft must buy Research In Motion. Flip through the following slides to find out why:
This article was originally published on 2011-08-10
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