Trends 8 and 9

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Like it or not, mobile devices from tablets to notebooks to mobile phones are invading the enterprise. Here's a look at some of the trends that are shaping today's mobile enterprise.

Trend #8 Innovative Form Factors

The iPad burst on the scene, upsetting the device landscape, but Signorini says the iPad is not the last and predicts new mobile form factors to challenge the current device landscape.

"The iPad is interesting, we’ve already seen enterprises experiment with it," says Signorini. "The form factor has intrigued line of business and IT decision makers because it offers a completely new way to interact for its users."

Sure, enterprises still need to figure out what these form factors mean for their business, but Signorini says the PC-centric world is changing, and "the mold is broken." So, what’s next? Signorini says the iPad is only the beginning,  and more form factors are on the horizon.

Trend #9 Microsoft’s Mobile Future

With devices running Windows Phone Series 7 just a few months away, what role will Microsoft play in the future of enterprise mobility? Microsoft has lost a ton of market share because of its perpetual delays and stop-gap Windows Mobile releases, but Signorini says Redmond’s attempt at a comeback has potential, even though serious challenges remain.

"The downside is competitors have been so successful, it’s going to be tough for Microsoft to regain credibility in the marketplace," says Signorini.  "But, the upside is that this market moves so quickly, and innovation happens so fast, there is always an opportunity to regain share."

For success, Signorini says Microsoft needs to "reimagine things from the ground up." Pointing to Apple and RIM as examples, Signorini says that success is a device that people are using in a new and innovative way. What about Windows Phone Series 7?  Signorini says, although a step in the right direction, by the time it is launched, Windows Phone Series 7 may already be behind competitors like iPhone and Android.