iPhone Lessons: What Apple's Smartphone Teaches About Business Users

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    Don Reisinger

Smartphones Are In

Smartphones Are In

If nothing else, Apple proves that at least for enterprise customers, smartpones are in. After all, if they weren't, companies wouldn't even consider trying to bring the iPhone to their employees. But they are. And an increasing number of firms are seeing value in Apple's smartphone. That, if nothing else, proves just how important smartphones really are in today's workforce.
Apple's iPhone has been an unbridled success. Consumers are buying the device more than any other single smartphone on the market. And that rate of adoption is unlikely to subside anytime soon. But the corporate world is a different place. Although the iPhone is becoming more popular among IT decision makers, often initially brought into companies by executives, the iPhone still not where Apple would like to see it in terms of enterprise adoption. But that doesn't mean that the iPhone hasn't made an impact in the enterprise. Apple's device has made significant inroads in the corporate space among business users. And because of the appeal of Apple's iPhone in business and, on the other hand, remaining objections to the widespread adoption of Apple's popular smartphone in corporations, we are in a position to learn a lot about what business users and IT decision makers really want. Read on to find out what the iPhone tells the world about smartphones and business.
This article was originally published on 2010-10-04
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