The Final Two

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Providing mobile integration with enterprise platforms is becoming more than just a nice extra. It's becoming a check-box item for IT organizations and businesses with so many workers in the field and on the go. IT solution providers that offer this kind of service have found it offers a lucrative revenue stream. Channel Insider took a look at the top five mobile influencers among vendors.

The delay of Windows Mobile Phone Series 7 has seriously hurt the Microsoft’s enterprise mobile reputation. Windows Mobile 6.5 released last year was a stop-gap until Microsoft could get Windows Mobile 7 out the door. Daily, the company loses market share to Apple, RIM and Google in the consumer markets, which is progressively merging with the enterprise market. At its unveiling at Mobile World Congress in February 2010 – the technology evoked honest praise, and critics gave MSFT kudos for what’s supposed to be released in October. But it remains to be seen if Windows Mobile Phone Series 7 is  too  late to the enterprise party.  However, for those playing in retail, government, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, and other industries where rugged and hardened hardware is crucial - WinMo 6.5 and 6.1 support is key. Rugged device manufacturers such as Motorola (Symbol) and Intermec almost exclusively support WinMo today.  

Antenna Software
Maybe you haven’t heard of it, but mobile platform vendor Antenna Software is no newbie when it comes to the mobile app market. The New Jersey-based company was one of the first on the scene and has carved out a leadership position in the mobile application platform space. The company’s partnerships are solid, with close ties to  AT&T (also an Antenna investor), Oracle (it’s the go-to for mobile Siebel On-Demand), Vodaphone, and RIM. And the company has seen much success with its packaged apps as well as its more recently marketed platform strategy.

Antenna just seems to keep making the right decisions, and the result is growth. Antenna continually has boosted its vertical and horizontal application expertise by gobbling up competitors that enhance its product suite and broaden its reach. Recently, Antenna acquired consumer-focused financial services mobile company Vaultus, and over the past few years has snatched up other solid mobile brands,  such as Dexterra and Vettro. 

The benefit to partnering with Antenna? Its platform can be deployed in a hosted/cloud environment on multiple mobile operating systems and devices. It also allows rapid configuration and deployment of vertical apps because of its native industry-specific  business objects.