Smartphone, Tablet Fail: How the Mobile Market Is Failing Business

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    Don Reisinger

App Stores Are (Mostly) For Consumers

App Stores Are (Mostly) For Consumers

Apple's App Store might have 250,000 applications and the Android Market might be growing at an astounding rate, but neither is adequately prepared for the corporate world. Apple's marketplace is doing better at offering corporate-friendly applications, but it still has a ways to go. It's time more enterprise-focused developers start working on smartphone apps.
Business IT today can't stop talking about the mobile space. Time and again, companies are forced to consider how they're going to make their employees more productive while on-the-go. Inevitably, that discussion turns to smartphones and tablets - two areas where most companies believe they can leverage the changing corporate landscape and potentially see a positive return on investment. But right now, the mobile device providers and service providers are failing when it comes to serving business needs. They are failing to deliver the service and experience that most firms are looking for. So, companies are forced to find the least offending product or service. That's a shame. And it needs to be corrected.
This article was originally published on 2010-09-15
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