Salesforce.com Seeks to Move Chatter Beyond Sales, Marketing

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Salesforce.com wants to take its new Chatter social collaboration platform that it officially released on June 22 far beyond the realm of the corporate sales and marketing department and put it in the hands of every business user with a need to collaborate. As of June 22, more than 6,000 customers had switched on Chatter as part of their suite of Salesforce.com customer relationship management, customer service and collaboration applications, Salesforce.com founder and CEO Marc Benioff said. Chatter is now available to all current Salesforce.com users at no additional charge.

Salesforce.com wants to put Chatter, its new social collaboration platform, into the hands of every corporate user who needs to work with customers or with co-workers to solve problems, provide service or share ideas. Salesforce.com is offering Chatter-only licenses for customers that are already using the Salesforce.com suite so that companies can deploy the collaboration platform beyond the sales and marketing organization.

The next goal for Salesforce.com is to get as many users as possible inside the company's 77,300 customers to start using Chatter as their general-purpose collaboration platform.

Chatter has a Facebook-like interface that allows employees to link up and collaborate on any project or problem of mutual interest through the exchange of messages, files, documents or Web links. It was initially developed as an add-on application to help sales teams track leads and sales opportunities all the way to signed sales agreements.

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