Oracle Shows Partners Some Love as HP and IBM Try to Woo Them Away

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Currently the focus of channel displacement initiatives from the likes of HP and IBM, Oracle is reaching out to its partners with new training resources and specializations for core Sun and Oracle technologies.

With so many others like IBM and HP reaching out helping hands to Oracle partners in the wake of its ongoing acquisition spree—five already this year, including Sun Microsystems—it seems only fair that Oracle respond with something more channel-friendly than the decision to take Sun's top 4,000 customers direct. The Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) has announced new training resources and specializations for core Sun and Oracle technologies.

New Sun enablement resources include enhanced Oracle Sun Knowledge Zones and server and storage specializations for critical Sun technologies, including Oracle Solaris and Sun server and storage systems. These knowledge zones also include new training modules and data sheets showing how to migrate from Sun to OPN Specialized. To help drive Specialization adoption, Oracle also announced partner Webcasts tailored to their program and specialization needs, as well unveiling new software Specializations for its database, middleware and applications offerings.

New OPN Specializations announced and available today include Sun SPARC Enterprise Entry-Level and Midrange Servers; Sun SPARC Enterprise High-End Servers; Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems; StorageTek Tape Libraries; Oracle Solaris; Oracle Database Security; Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation; and Oracle Web Center.

"Quickly following the close of the Sun acquisition, we are delivering on our promise to embrace and support Sun partners and provide new training and Specializations that support core Sun technologies," states Judson Althoff, senior vice president, Worldwide Alliances and Channels, at Oracle. "With these additions to the OPN Specialized program, Oracle becomes the only company to offer partners the training and solutions they need to expand their business—from applications to disk."

Earlier this week, IBM continued its Oracle bashing by announcing that more than 200 customers had moved workloads from Oracle/Sun, HP and other competitors to IBM servers and storage systems in the first quarter. Big Blue says that since it established its Migration Factory program four years ago to help clients move to IBM systems, nearly 2,700 customers have switched, the majority from Oracle/Sun and HP, including 117 from Oracle/Sun and 95 from HP so far this year.

Not to be outdone, HP announced its own recent triumphs of companies replacing Sun and IBM systems. While it only listed three companies migrating to HP, it did announce new tools, support and incentives to enable clients to hurdle migration challenges, including an enhanced Solaris to HP-UX Porting Kit, Solaris Software Transition Kit, and a special offer for clients who purchase HP-UX 11i v3 and support between now and July 31, 2010. With this offer, organizations can receive an HP BladeSystem c7000 enclosure and HP Integrity BL860c server blade starter kit at no additional cost.