Google's Enterprise Trojan Horse: How It Can Build Upon a Cisco Cius Success

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    Don Reisinger

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1. Use It As A Starting PointThe best thing Google can do with a successful Cius is use it as a starting point for its enterprise operation. It can finally say that Android really does work in the corporate world. And with users getting more comfortable with the Android devices, it's entirely possible that Google will be able to sell more Android-based smartphones. Yes, the tablet is made by Cisco, and the company has modified Android OS to make it more appealing to the enterprise, but that's the beauty of Google's mobile operating system.
The Cisco Cius tablet is getting all kinds of attention lately. The device, which is the first tablet to be focused specifically on enterprise customers, offers users the ability to communicate with colleagues via video-conferencing technologies, check e-mail, surf the Web, and generally be more productive while away from the office. The device is one of the most anticipated products to come exclusively to enterprise customers in a long time. But as all the focus is placed on Cisco and its efforts in the tablet market, some folks are failing to see one important aspect of the Cius that could have a profound impact on the enterprise far beyond the tablet itself: the device runs Google's Android operating system. The Cius tablet could be the single device that gets Google firmly in the corporate market to compete against Microsoft, HP, and every other major player in that space. Let's take a look at how Google can build upon the potential success of the Cius to solidify its position in the corporate world.
This article was originally published on 2010-08-17
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