Finding the Right Web Conferencing Solution

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    Chris Talbot

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WebEx Acquired by Cisco in March 2007, WebEx is arguably the biggest fish in the web conferencing sea. Available via browsers and a variety of mobile devices (including Cisco's Cius, naturally), WebEx provides voice, video and desktop sharing features that are free to use by guests. Pricing for hosts starts at $19 per month.

Effective collaboration among employees and business partners is essential in today's business world. Maybe that's why web conferencing is on the rise. Companies are making use of technology to hold meetings between people in different locations. Whether it's voice only, voice and video, screen sharing or other functions, more workers are collaborating with the help of technology. Cisco WebEx alone hosts an average of 310,000 meetings per day. Although the market for web conferencing solutions is dominated by a very small number of major players, the number of different companies offering web conferencing services of various types is huge. From simple conferencing tools that do little more than enable desktop and application sharing to the more complex services that tie in audio (either call-out/in or VoIP), video (one-way or conferencing), IM (whether consumer or enterprise) and complete collaboration features, businesses have a lot of choice today when they need a web conferencing service. Prices vary widely, as well. Some companies offer part or all of their services for free, and others base their pricing on the features they offer. Here's a look at eight web conferencing solutions for your business. Some will be familiar and others might be new, but there's something for everybody.

This article was originally published on 2011-09-26