Channel-Friendly Cloud VoIP Providers

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    Chris Talbot

Whaleback SystemsCrystalBlue Managed Voice Services

Whaleback SystemsCrystalBlue Managed Voice Services

http://www.whalebacksystems.com/ Service Launched: 2010List Price:$29.95-$69.95 per user per monthWhaleback's focus is on managed voice services, and its cloud offering launched in 2010. Whaleback recently updated its channel partner program to give partners the ability to sell its cloud-based VoIP services to SMEs.
As the VoIP market continues to grow, so too does the cloud computing market – and it's probably of little surprise that the two have converged and started growing together. Businesses of all sizes are beginning to make the choice to move their on-premise voice systems into the cloud and use hosted voice services rather than manage the systems within their own facilities. Naturally, a growing market means growing opportunities for the channel, but cloud VoIP services are still in their infancy compared to more traditional forms of telephony. It's a market that's growing, and several vendors are turning to the channel to help get their services to the customers that need them the most. According to the Telecommunications Industry Association's (TIA)