BlackBerry Smartphone A Better Choice Than RIM's PlayBook: 10 Reasons Why

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    Don Reisinger

It Wont Be A Modem

It Wont Be A Modem

When the RIM PlayBook ships early next year, it won't double as a 3G modem the way current BlackBerry smartphones do. In other words, folks hoping to connect to a 3G network on their laptops through the tablet are out of luck. Of course, there is one good reason for that: the PlayBook doesn't connect to the Web via 3G. That's a shame. And it makes the PlayBook look like a hobbled alternative compared to just about any BlackBerry smartphone on the market.
RIM's PlayBook is all the talk right now in the tablet computer space. The enterprise has been looking at Apple iPad's functionality and mobility and how that device would work for a workforce of users. But iPad remains a consumer tablet. RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook tablet computer device is designed for the enterprise. It will run a new operating system from RIM, and boast a 7-inch display. It's scheduled to hit store shelves early next year, alongside a slew of products running on Android OS. But unlike most of those Android-based devices, the PlayBook is designed specifically for the enterprise. It's the enterprise's answer to the Apple iPad. The only issue is, the PlayBook doesn't seem like a good bet for most companies. And at the end of the day, most firms would likely benefit more from issuing BlackBerry smartphone devices to employees rather than getting employee hands on a PlayBook. The tablet simply lacks too many features to make it a worthwhile investment for firms hoping to increase worker productivity. Let's take a look at why most companies would be better off getting a BlackBerry smartphone, rather than RIM's PlayBook tablet PC.
This article was originally published on 2010-10-15
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