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Vendor C2Hub brings video to unified messaging with a hosted solution also available as an appliance.

Your recipient gets an e-mail that looks like any other. The recipient reads the presumably compelling text you sent encouraging her to click on the hotlink to see the presentation. The hotlink opens a browser window. Everything else is just a click away.

Let’s say the recipient sends you a reply some time later saying, "Thanks for the presentation. I enjoyed it immensely," and the person never bothered to click on the hotlink, you will know it. That’s because Broadcast Visions lets you know exactly if and when the recipient clicked on the hotlink, what other links in the presentation she clicked and how long she spent with each link.

"That information is really priceless," says Dan Collins, president of Summatis Communications, a Northboro, Ma., solution provider that uses Broadcast Visions and sells it to customers as a hosted solution.

Johnson says solution providers can sell the product either as a hosted service or as an appliance managed by a VAR or the customer organization itself. C2Hub handles the hosting through a third-party arrangement.

Collins, whose company specializes in unified communications, says the more he talks to customers about the product, the more uses he sees for it. Summatis, he says, has deployed Broadcast Visions internally and also sells it to customers as a hosted service.

One customer about to launch an ERP implementation saw the potential of Broadcast Visions for training purposes, Collins says.

From a VAR perspective, the product adds value and saves money, he says. Using the C2Hub software for training, for instance, reduces the overhead and travel costs associated with on-site training.

Johnson says some companies are using Broadcast Visions to reduce engineering overhead: Engineers can make a video to explain something to the customer without taking the time and expense to visit the site in person.

The product also comes in handy for sales and service pitches to customers, without always having to travel to the customer site, Collins says.

In cases when the customer is introduced to a seller through Broadcast Visions, Johnson says, when an in-person visit takes place later, the ice already has been broken.

"They know who you are before you even meet them," he says. "You create more of a bond this way."

Not only that, you can send video without bogging down your recipient’s e-mail application. This, says Collins, is another benefit of the C2Hub technology.


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