Zenith Infotech Continues Partner Outreach In Face Of Controversy

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Zenith Infotech has announced that it will host an international road tour educational campaign on business continuity and cloud computing.

Zenith Infotech is soldiering on with partner outreach in the U.S. in spite of unsettled controversy lingering over the company's reputation and prospects following a September default on a $33 million bond payment and a subsequently contentious sell off of its remote monitoring and management (RMM) business a week later. The company announced that it will host an international road tour  educational campaign on business continuity and cloud computing for service providers that will kick off this month in the U.S.

Starting off in Los Angeles, Dallas and Orlando, the program will later expand to Asia and the Middle East. Designed to follow up its other 2011 boot camps, the education road tour was created to grease the skids with partners who are evaluating and adopting Zenith Infotech's SmartStyle cloud computing solution. Zenith's manager of technical training, Ron Hogue says that close to 200 participants have attended the company's boot camps in 2011 and it expects another 100 partners to take advantage of the free seminar by year's end.

According to company CEO Akash Saraf, Zenith has invested millions of dollars in research to develop SmartStyle.

"Our company is resilient, tenacious and well-equipped to face the changing technology space across the world. I am confident that our boot camps will provide the necessary tools to help all our global partners build a successful business platform in the cloud," he says.

Zenith may have to tap into a well of tenacity to keep the engine running now that creditors and investors are banging on its doors. The company <a href=" /c/a/Business-and-Finance/Zenith-Infotech-and-The-Trouble-With-Convertible-Bonds-862377/">owes as much as $85 million in outstanding foreign currency convertible bonds</a> and bond holders want Zenith Infotech to disclose the terms of the sale of Zenith RMM to Summit Partners. This week a group of interested parties got a court in Mumbai to <a href=" /c/a/Managed-Services/Zenith-Infotech-Ordered-to-Disclose-Zenith-RMM-Spin-Off-Information-438495/>order the company to disclose the details of the sale</a>.