Microsoft, McAfee, Peer 1 Provide Hosted Exchange to SMBs

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Peer 1 and Microsoft team up to offer cost-conscious businesses fully featured, enterprise-level e-mail services featuring McAfee security protection for the cost of $10 per month per mailbox.

Vancouver-based managed hosting provider Peer 1 Hosting announced a partnership with Microsoft said to offer customers fully featured, enterprise-level e-mail services. In addition to the Peer 1 hosting services, this offering aims to deliver a cost-effective way of managing SMB (small to medium-size business) customer mail environments.

The hosted Microsoft Exchange solution is a scalable solution that gives users the ability to collaborate without having to invest in mail servers, software licenses, security or be involved with ongoing system administration. Users can share and access calendars, tasks, contacts, public folders, groups and global address books as well as synchronize from their desktop, mobile device and the Web. The packages start from $10 per mailbox, per month, according to the company.

The hosted Microsoft Exchange solution will be deployed through a Web-based automation platform with customers being able to administer users and feature benefits. Each mailbox will have three Gigabytes of storage, which will be pooled space on a per-customer basis. Users will be safeguarded through McAfee SAAS Email Protection, which works outside the network to guard against viruses, spam, worms and other harmful content. Customers' e-mail data will be protected with multiple daily backups and a 14-day free-of-charge file recovery capability.

"Customers want an easy and cost-efficient way of managing their IT infrastructure, inclusive of e-mail services. With our business-class e-mail packages, customers no longer need to provide or manage their own mail servers, backups, licensing or security," said Peer 1’s vice president of product development, Tim Varma. "It is engineered to save customers time, effort and costs whilst offering unrivaled Peer 1 service and support."

Hosting customers will be able to benefit from Peer 1's 10GB SuperNetwork backbone, a series of dedicated links between the company’s data centers using multiple high-speed connections. This is coupled with peering relationships with more than 500 networks and multiple Tier 1 upstream providers.

"By offering hosted Microsoft Exchange as a service, Peer 1 Hosting is able to provide attractive IT options to its customers," said Microsoft’s general manager of worldwide hosting for the communications sector, John Zanni. "Businesses are increasingly interested in communication and collaboration tools to improve productivity and reduce costs."