LabTech Rolls Out Reseller Program for Partners

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Remote monitoring and management vendor LabTech Software is opening up a reseller arm to its partner program to allow existing service provider partners to offer customers on-premise monitoring to their list of solutions.

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) firm LabTech Software unveiled a new channel partner program that it hopes will allow existing service provider partners to introduce the platform to customers who may also need to add on-premise monitoring to their mix of solutions.

LabTech says the new program will give service providers the opportunity to expand market penetration and create new revenue streams by marketing, selling and supporting accounts where customers require on-premise monitoring and management solutions.  

LabTech Software said the new initiative will allow existing partners to introduce LabTech to customers with the opportunity to expand market penetration and profit from additional revenue streams at a faster rate of return than traditional hardware and software offerings.

"Our channel program is one that will reward partners who use LabTech themselves and are interested in implementing LabTech solutions to their own customer base," said Matt Nachtrab, CEO of LabTech Software.  "Our partners are adept at using LabTech solution to run their business on a daily basis.  As a result, (they're) ideal candidates to become channel partners and introduce LabTech to their customers and to prospects who have a need for on-premise solutions for their internal IT departments to leverage."

LabTech vows to avoid channel conflict, avoiding direct sales itself in favor of a strategy that will have it offer reseller partners a LabTech go-to-market team to support them in their sales efforts. The new program will also allow active partners to protect their current managed service customers through a customer registration program and call dibs on prospects through a new opportunity registration program that will offer upfront discounts and back-end rebates upon approval of the registration and closing of the deal.

In addition, LabTech says that next year it will support these efforts with the launch of a formal training and certification program designed to give partners the know-how to sell and service accounts through the channel program. It will also provide partners with sales demo tools including trial software and NFR licenses for demonstration and lab use.