Infoblox Debuts Network Infrastructure Automation Tools

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Features include dynamic selection options to help configure in real time specific devices matching unique profiles.

Network infrastructure control solutions provider Infoblox announced the release of network infrastructure automation capabilities to help businesses accelerate deployment of virtualization and cloud computing initiatives. Infoblox automation features now available through Infoblox NetMRI offer infrastructure automation and management visibility into the health, policy and compliance of the network.

Features include dynamic selection options to help configure in real time specific devices matching unique profiles; matching profiles to specific devices simplifies complex branch office provisioning to reduce truck rolls and expert resource dependencies. Also included are automation sandbox and customizable tools, combining several functions to help build sustainable and dynamic workflow automation for more scalable network operations.

Additional features include run book automation, which includes integration of embedded expertise to help realize the potential of dynamic IT environments and automate workflow; and a blacklist option that automatically identifies and quarantines undesired devices, such as known stolen laptops, or triggers specific actions such as VLAN isolation to help improve security and reduce risk.

"With virtualization and cloud computing initiatives taking root, IT administrators can provision virtual machines in minutes, but conforming the network to support the VMs can take days because the tools and processes required to perform the changes are still mostly manual and siloed," said Zeus Kerravala, senior vice president and distinguished research fellow at Yankee Group. "To realize the full potential of virtualization and cloud initiatives, enterprises simply must adopt more automated tools, ranging from IP address automation to configuration management tools for both physical and virtual devices."

With these feature enhancements, among others, NetMRI can collect and analyze configurations, identify policy violations, see the impact of change on network health and remediate issues. These automation capabilities are realized through a combination of Infoblox technologies, including NetMRI, Orchestration System capabilities and Infoblox’s IP Address Management (IPAM) powered by the company’s Grid technology.

The network infrastructure automation functionality is now available with NetMRI version 6.1, offered on a range of Infoblox physical and virtual appliance platforms. Pricing for the NetMRI starts at $16,990 in the United States and $20,390 in Europe and Asia Pacific.

"Virtualization and cloud computing require a new approach to network infrastructure management; if enterprises don’t embrace real-time automation, they will inevitably hit roadblocks to accelerating these initiatives," said Steve Nye, Infoblox executive vice president of product strategy and corporate development. "Leveraging our patented technologies and close collaboration with our customers, which includes more than one third of the Fortune 500, Infoblox is helping bridge this divide with critical network infrastructure functionality."