Intel's Gelsinger Envisions Gradual Rollout of Nehalem Processors

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Intel Senior Vice President Patrick Gelsinger says that new Intel processors based on the upcoming Nehalem microarchitecture will have a gradual rollout in the marketplace, with new processors for high-end desktops, workstations and single-socket server systems coming first. Just before the Intel Developer Forum, AMD said its 45-nm "Shanghai" processors would beat Nehalem into the market for two- and four-socket server systems.

SAN FRANCISCO—Now that Intel has detailed its new Nehalem microarchitecture, the question remains when the first of the processors built around this new chip architecture will hit the enterprise space and the wider consumer market.

To date, Intel has revealed that the first of the Nehalem-based processors, the Intel Core i7 chip, will enter the market in the fourth quarter of 2008 for high-end desktop and gaming PCs before switching to desktop workstations and then single-socket server systems.

From there, processors for the two- and four-socket space will land in the market by the second half of 2009, Intel Senior Vice President Patrick Gelsinger told eWEEK at the Intel Developer Forum here. One reason for this gradual rollout of Nehalem-based processors, Gelsinger said, is to allow OEMs to build new systems and allow for extensive testing and a long validation process for IT shops interested in the new processors.


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