Intel's Big Mobile Strategy: 10 Ways Intel Will Drastically Change the Tech World

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    Don Reisinger

1. Netbooks, Anyone?

1. Netbooks, Anyone?

Intel made it clear when it acquired McAfee that it wants to be a major player in the mobile-devices space. And it plans to make McAfee important in its mobile-security strategy. Realizing that, it might not be long before Intel starts dominating the netbook market even more than it already does with its new focus and improved offering. Netbooks could be dying out, but Intel could be the company to keep them hanging around a little longer.
Intel finds itself in an interesting position. The company is one of the most important competitors in the processor market, and with the acquisition of McAfee and Infineon's Wireless Solutions operation, it's arguably now one of the more important companies in the mobile space. And as time goes on, the chances of Intel drastically changing the industry seem higher than ever. Realizing that, it might be a good time to start taking a look at how Intel plans to change the marketplace. There isn't any guarantee that it will actually succeed and it's worth noting that it hasn't made all of its plans known, but it's clear now that it has its sights set on the future. And it wants to make a major splash. Let's take a look at how Intel could drastically change the tech landscape.
This article was originally published on 2010-09-02
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