Intel Starts Shipping Atom for PCs

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The chip maker is betting that its Atom processors will create a new market for low-cost notebooks and desktops.

Intel is preparing to ship the first of its Atom processors, which the chip maker believes will create an entire new category of low-cost PCs that it calls "Netbooks" and "Nettops."

Intel announced the availability of two Atom processors—the Atom N270 processor and the Atom 230 chip—at the 2008 Computex conference in Taiwan. The company also detailed a pair of new chip sets—the 945GSE for Netbooks and the 945GC for Nettops—that feature integrated graphics and support for numerous I/O ports.

These Atom processors, formally known as Diamondville, will give Intel a base to create a new line of low-cost notebooks and desktops that are designed for emerging market countries and the education market. Some analysts also believe that smaller businesses might use these PCs as low-cost alternatives for workers that travel a lot and need a compact, light-weight notebook that can access the Internet and basic applications, such as e-mail.

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