IBM Takes Wraps Off Power7 Systems

By Jeffrey Burt  |  Posted 2010-02-08 Email Print this article Print

Big Blue is looking to heat up the competitive landscape for high-end computing workloads as it battles HP and Oracle with its newly acquired Sun portfolio.

IBM is rolling out the first of its Power7 systems as it looks to grab more market share in the $14 billion Unix server space from HP and Sun. The move comes as HP and Intel prepare to release the next-generation Itanium processor and Oracle looks to bring Sun into the fold.

IBM is rolling out the first systems based on its new Power7 processors, setting the stage for a new round of competition in the rapidly changing high-end server space.

IBM will officially unveil the four new Power7 systems at an event today in New York. At about the same time, at a press conference in San Francisco that also will be Webcast, officials with Intel and Hewlett-Packard are expected to officially release "Tukwila," the much-delayed next-generation version of the Itanium processor.

All that comes as Oracle works to incorporate Sun Microsystems’ SPARC/Solaris hardware line into its business, and Intel and Advanced Micro Devices look to grab more high-end workloads with their x86 processors.

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