IBM Announces New Cloud-Base Web Analytics and Marketing Suite

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As part of its Smarter Commerce strategy, IBM announced a new cloud-based analytics suite that combines software from its Coremetrics and Unica acquisitions.

IBM has announced a new cloud-based Web analytics and digital marketing suite aimed at helping its business customers automate online marketing campaigns across digital channels, such as Websites, social media networks and mobile phones.

The new IBM offering combines software IBM got in its acquisitions of Coremetrics and Unica and provides analytics that help companies better determine the effectiveness of new products and services, fine-tune marketing campaigns and create personalized offers in real-time across all online channels, IBM officials said.

The technology comes as part of IBM's Smarter Commerce initiative, which is focused on helping companies more effectively market, sell and secure greater customer loyalty in the era of social networking and mobile computing. With 64 percent of consumers making a first purchase because of a digital experience, it is more critical than ever that marketers understand this online behavior and refine their marketing activities accordingly, IBM said.

The combined Coremetrics and Unica software enables companies to better understand their customers' buying preferences and patterns across all digital media, including Websites, social media networks, mobile phones and tablets. This intelligence is used to quickly develop and deliver the most relevant customer experience, transforming marketing from an uninvited intrusion to an intuitive client service.

For example, businesses would be able to evaluate Facebook or Twitter activity, and offer customers tailored promotions delivered to their mobile devices on the fly. IBM's suite also enables businesses to deliver and fine-tune digital marketing programs based on what customers are doing offline. For instance, a consumer who purchased a new tablet in a brick-and-mortar store would receive special offers via email to purchase tablet accessories. The benefit to the customer is a consistent, relevant brand experience that reflects all their online preferences, not just what they did, read or saw on one specific site, IBM said.

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