Full text of Sandy Carter's email to channel partners

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While the underlying message is the need to deliver more business value to customers, IBM is wrapping its latest software channel initiative with money -- an Oracle displacement program that will pay qualifying partners up to a 40 percent cash bonus. IBM is going for the gut, offering money for database management, application infrastructure and middleware, portal and security offerings. IBM Doubles the Money for Partners Displacing Oracle

The following is the complete contents of Sandy's email:

Up to 2X SVI Competitive Incentive and Sales Plays to Help You Win More Business!

I am excited to share some great news that may help you make money in the face of our competition!  

I truly believe that now is the best time to be an IBM Software Business Partner.  IBM offers software and solutions for a Smarter Planet that are clearly more complete, more integrated, more optimized, and more cost effective than the competition.

IBM Software is introducing new Competitive Business Partner Sales Plays and a first-ever Software Value Incentive (SVI) Competitive Incentive to help you grow skills, increase profits and win more business.

Here are new resources ready for you today:

1. IBM Software Competitive Business Partner Sales Plays
New competitive sales plays are now available with the resources you need to win with IBM Software in the areas of Database Management, Application Infrastructure & Middleware, Portal and Security offerings.

Business Partners who submit qualifying SVI competitive displacement opportunities will gain access to an additional set of competitive sales and marketing enablement resources.

2. Up to Double (2X) SVI Competitive Incentive   

IBM Business Partners already make more profit with IBM Software than leading competitors according to our recent Business Partner Profitability Study.  Now we are offering an exciting first-ever, incremental SVI Competitive Incentive to help you.
Business Partners enrolled in SVI can earn up to double the standard SVI fees for eligible competitive displacement opportunities subject to the terms and conditions for Business Partners to qualify.
Availability may vary by country.

Finally, I invite you to mark your calendar for our April 29 IBM Software Think!Thursday. Hear how you can leverage SVI with these Competitive Sales Plays designed to help you win more business with IBM Software!

Continued success,

Sandy Carter
Vice President, IBM Software Group Business Partners
Twitter: http://twitter.com/sandy_carter