HP's New CEO: 10 Things Leo Apotheker Brings to the Company

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    Don Reisinger

1. It's A Software Play

1. It's A Software Play

If Apotheker brings anything to HP, it's a deep understanding of, and expertise in, software. After all, he comes from SAP, which only helped him improve his software prowess. Going forward, expect HP to focus heavily on software because of that.
HP's new CEO Leo Apotheker is somewhat of a question mark for the company's stakeholders. At first glance, he might be a liability for the company as it attempts to compete in the PC and consumer spaces -- two areas where he has little experience. But further inspection reveals he could actually bring quite a bit to the table as he prepares to carry HP into the next decade. Determining what HP will really get from Apotheker is difficult right now. He has yet to outline his strategy going forward. And over the coming months, he will likely spend most of his time attempting to determine what works and what doesn't at his company. But he will undoubtedly bring both good and bad things to HP. Here's a look at what Apotheker brings to the table.
This article was originally published on 2010-10-07
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