HP WebOS vs. BlackBerry OS: 10 Reasons Why HP Can't Win

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    Don Reisinger

1. BlackBerry Enterprise Server

1. BlackBerry Enterprise Server

BlackBerry Enterprise Server is the differentiating factor between companies opting for a BlackBerry or choosing a WebOS-based device. Unlike HP, RIM's BlackBerry Enterprise Server delivers functionality and networking that enterprise customers really need. Not only are they able to more effectively communicate, but it adds a level of added security that the competition is missing.
In the corporate world, Research In Motion and its RIM BlackBerry devices continue to play a key role in the success or failure of employees' mobile productivity. Meanwhile, HP, the company that sells more computers than any PC maker in the market, is well on its way to offering smartphones of its own, outside of the Palm Pre and Pixi, that are designed specifically to take on the devices that RIM currently offers to corporate customers. Of course, trying to supplant RIM as the top mobile enterprise company is going to be difficult. The corporate world stubbornly sticks with the products it uses and rarely finds reason to opt for devices that might not deliver the kind of productivity and usability that customers are really looking for. That's precisely why, among several other reasons, that HP will be unable to challenge BlackBerry OS in the enterprise. As viable as WebOS might be to some consumers, the software, and HP, just aren't all that appealing to enterprise customers when it comes to mobile productivity. The future looks bleak for HP and WebOS in the enterprise. And here's why:
This article was originally published on 2010-07-21
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