HP WebOS Tablet Details Emerge

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HP is expected to introduce a line of WebOS tablets soon, and reports say they will include professional-quality sound and inductive charging are among them.

Curious about the WebOS-running devices that Hewlett-Packard is expected to introduce at its Feb. 9 event? According to sources trusted by Engadget, a few smartphones can be expected, along with two tablets — the "Topaz" and the more petite "Opal." In a Jan. 19 report, the tech site offered new, and completely unconfirmed, details about the features the tablets might include.

One tipster sent Engadget a survey performed by GfK Custom Research that’s filled with HP-branded terms. "In other words," explains the site, "the features described already exist in the tablet(s) and the survey is attempting to gauge interest, presumably in an attempt to fine tune the promotional materials and marketing approach."